Gestion Ajax INC. provides solutions that fulfill the needs of our clients effectively. The suppliers of the services are carefully chosen in order to provide the best correlation between the price and the quality of the service. All the clients are getting the results they expect.

As a professional Property Management Company, we are able to administer your property/condo from A to Z which includes maintenance, governance, repair and renovation works, etc.

Financial Services

  Preparation of monthly and annual financial statements (balance sheet and income statement)
  Collection of condo fees and special contributions from co-owners
  Management of client's accounts (receivables)
  Management of supplier's accounts (payables)
  Bank reconciliation
  Preparation and control of annual budgets
  Establishment of contingency funds
  Asset management

Management Services

 Manage and supervise repair and maintenance contracts
 Handle all negotiations and paperwork
 Provide customer service
 Regular inspections of the building
 Acquire necessary supplies for building maintenance
 Get several quotes on any significant
 Maintain preventive maintenance programs work
 Apply and follow the rules and regulations of the Declaration of Co-ownership

Administration Services

  Organization of annual board meetings (agenda, budgets, project updates, minutes)
  Preparation and coordination of Annual General
  Assemblies (notices, proxies, attendance list, minutes, ballots, etc.)
  Organization of special meetings (if needed)
  Notifications / Newsletter to co-owners
  Insurance renewal
  Follow-up on insurance claims
  Manage co-owner’s registry (keys, lockers, parking space, etc.)

Rental Services

 Evaluation of the rental property and recommendations
  Marketing of the property (in person, social media)
  Arrangement of visits for potential tenants
  Gathering all required application documents
  Surveying previous landlords and other references
  Criminal records and credit score verification
  Checking employment and other income sources
  Signing leasing agreement and the support documents and arranging the first rent payment


 24/7 emergency service
  Assess any emergency situation
  Initial analysis of the issue
  Resolve the situation as quickly and efficiently as possible
  Provide a post-emergency assessment

Get in touch with us. We can create a special pack with the services you need so you can manage your property the way you want to.