We will visit you, evaluate and prepare the budget of your condominium FREE OF CHARGE.

The price of our services depends on the number of apartments. Gestion Ajax Inc. offers the following price ranges for its services:

The price for complete management of Residential Condominium BEFORE TAX:

6-30 apartments - 15$ for each apartment monthly

30-100 apartments - 17$ for each apartment monthly

100+ apartments - 19$ for each apartment monthly

Rental/Commercial services 5%-10% of condo's monthly rent. No charges from VACANT condos.

Our Price Suggestions

If you think the quality and expectations of your current condo management doesn’t meet your needs and standards, then probably it’s a sign that you should think about changing your property management.

Therefore, we are here to bring back your trust in proper property management with acceptable price/quality measurements. Expensive doesn’t mean best, and our company is a proof of that statement.

You could save 20% just by having Gestion Ajax Inc. as your property manager. So, you can start saving right away.

Gestion Ajax Inc. also specializes in Rental/Commercial services in Montreal Area. Our company has a genuine interest in our tenants and tries to justify their confidence. Monthly fee for this service is 5%-10% of condo’s monthly rent. Above all, the company charges only when there is a tenant in the property. If the property is VACANT, there won’t be any charges.

As a professional Property Management Company, we are able to administer your property/condo from A to Z which includes maintenance, governance, repair and renovation works, etc.

Get in touch with us. We can create a special pack with the services you need so you can manage your property the way you want to.