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Gestion Ajax Inc. is a fast growing business which offers a full range of property management and rental services in the real estate sector. In other words, it is specialized in property management activities and in leasing of rental properties in Montreal and its surroundings. We understand the requirements of the market and effectively please the owners of the condominiums.

For Gestion Ajax Inc. reliability and trustworthiness are among the most important priorities. With our day-to-day dedicated work, we want to show and also maintain that qualities. Above all, our company takes the responsibility of keeping our clients’ property in a safe and satisfactory condition. Gestion Ajax Inc. has a genuine interest in its tenants and tries to justify their confidence. Similarly, we perform the routine maintenance of the property with the help of a large scope of reliable contractors. In other words, we are here to bring back your trust in proper property management with acceptable price/quality measurements.

In conclusion, Gestion Ajax Inc. provides a quality service with a highly experienced professional team and the best range of prices for the variety of its services. Customer satisfaction and professionalism are our major priorities

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