How to become a Property Manager

As we can notice, the role of Property Management is increasing day-to-day. And, as it is a new discipline, there are not many places where you can study property management.

So, if you live in Montreal, you have an opportunity to study either in the world’s 31st top University- McGill University or in Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). These two are the major ones having this program.

Both these universities have program which is suggesting all the necessary courses for obtaining an adequate knowledge to become an expert in Property Management.


McGill University

McGill University program is “Professional Development Certificate in Residential and Condominium Property Management”. The program suggests following courses:

  • Residential Property Finance and Accounting. This course gives knowledge about financial and accounting side of the residential property and condo. It includes budgeting, preparation of financial statements, negotiation with suppliers, collection, financing of a contingency and self-insurance fund, cash-flow planning, preparation for audit, taxation and investments.
  • Fundamentals of Condominium and Property Law in Quebec. Priority of this course is the main legal principles contained in the Civil Code of Quebec and other legal frameworks governing residential and co-ownership properties.
  • Residential Building Systems and Maintenance Management. This course goal is to learn how to manage emergency situations. It also provides an overview of various building systems including plumbing, heating, mechanical, elevators, electricity and security systems.
  • Residential Property Management and Administration. This course teaches how to manage residential building operations including development of internal policies and procedures, record keeping, contract management, and organization of meetings.
  • Practical Aspects of Condominium Management. This course goal is to apply the knowledge gained from the previous four courses in the program and use it within specific context of condominium management.

The main privilege of this program is that it is bilingual. Course material is provided in both English and French languages. And, also the communication with the instructors could be in both languages.


As for UQAM, the program is “Condominium Management Training Program”. It suggests the following courses:

  • Legal management of co-ownership. This course focuses on all the aspects of the legal framework governing co-ownership in Quebec. Also, the resulting governance, including declarations, regulations, special rules and also the rules of professional and ethical conduct.
  • Financial management of the condominium. During this course, students will learn how to prepare and analyze the financial statements of a co-ownership syndicate. Fund accounting concepts, including all the specifics of the contingency fund will be taught.
  • Technical management of the building of the condominium. This course will provide its participants with a better understanding of the construction and operation of condominium buildings. An overview of the laws applicable to construction and building maintenance will be provided.
  • Management of the daily life of the condominium. Here, the knowledge and experience of the three previous training modules (legal, financial and technical) are taken up and exposed in the current context of the operation of the condominium.In UQAM the course is provided only in French. But there are also two other additional courses: legal management of co-ownership 2 and provident fund in the management of a condominium.



Concluding all the above mentioned, a person who wants to become a property manager in Quebec, at this moment, has only one decision to make: which university to choose. McGill University program is bilingual and has 5 courses to complete. UQAM suggests the program only in French, has 4 obligatory courses and 2 additional ones. If you are bilingual, you can just compare both programs and choose the more appropriate for you, though they are pretty much alike. Concerning the price of each one, it is also almost equal. The range is approximately from $5500- $7000. Therefore, the only thing we can tell you is good luck in this new career.

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